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Dirty Facts About Writing a Paper Online Uncovered

Dirty Facts About Writing a Paper Online Uncovered Writing a Paper Online - the Conspiracy It's only normal to be anxious about hiring an on-line essay writer as you can not ever be sure whether you are employing the suitable service or not. Our peer-based on-line tutoring service gives feedback on your academic writing. Then your helper will begin to compose an assignment for you. Where to Find Writing a Paper Online When it has to do with editing, you want to learn your own manner of writing before going into it. Filler words are never an extraordinary choice. Along the method of writing, you are going to be able to get hold of your writer and offer more instructions to them. It ought to be evident that there's a quality English speaking writer who's going to compose the paper from scratch. The Basic Facts of Writing a Paper Online To begin with, you've got to locate excellent data for your essay. Becoming acquainted with the documentation style before you begin writ ing the dissertation is likely to make your writing process easier. All you will need is a web site that writes essays for you. There are a lot of essential factors which make essay writing homework such a daunting job to finish. So if you prefer to acquire a thriving dissertation or an easy essay, we can assist you to solve both questions. A 1 hour essay deadline may be true problem, if you're not good enough at writing and expressing your ideas on a topic you aren't really interested in. If you're tasked to write a college essay, you're not alone. You've got an essay due quickly. Top Choices of Writing a Paper Online Subscribe, confirm, utilize the password to join the resource library. Regardless of what you should write, online help is always available, and you are able it! The One Thing to Do for Writing a Paper Online When you have placed your purchase, the writers that are interested and competent in the appropriate field start bidding for it. What you have to do is to fill out the purchase form, make a payment, and in a couple minutes, you'll get your private essay helper. Evidently, it doesn't get the job done, because that the times have changed a wonderful thing. So, you may rest assure d your term paper service is going to be delivered by means of a pro. Whispered Writing a Paper Online Secrets Placing your order has two steps. The ordering procedure is simple but if you by chance have issues with the buy, get in contact with our friendly customer service representatives who will gladly aid you with any technical problems that you may have. At any time you think that you want a paper writing help, contact us with your assignment and you'll get quality academic assistance however challenging the undertaking is. As a consequence from using our services, you will be given a custom-written paper you may use for your own purposes. Details of Writing a Paper Online When the paper is ready, it's going to be available for download. If your paper has plagiarism, it's important to comprehend. After it has been finished, you will also be asked to rate the author. Regardless of the sort of research paper you're writing, your finished research paper should. Although essays and research papers can be an issue, term papers are a great deal more complex than a lot of the academic assignments. A great deal of prior Term Paper is needed by the student to compose the Term Paper properly. The Research Paper Planner will offer you resources and beneficial methods to. Writing Term Papers properly cannot be carried out in one day, it needs an excellent period of time and effort to compose a proper Term Paper. The company description should continue with a statement about the kind of business structure adopted by the organization. If you are searching for professional writing a term paper company, our custom writing services will supply you with any writing services that you would like. Also a great deal of the internet customized research companies've got a revision coverage. Actually in India, there are plenty of businesses that offer creative writing services like technical site content writing and creative articles writing.

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DNA And DNA Analysis - 1038 Words

Part A Done on the attached paper. Answers to questions 1) How were you able to derive amino acids from your DNA sequence? First of all, from the sense strand given in the question, I derived the antisense strand for it. This is done by using the complementary Nitrogenous base concept. Guanine complements Cytosine, Thymine complements Adenine and vice versa. Once this is done, we obtain the antisense strand. Now the antisense strand is transcribed into messenger RNA (mRNA). Again Cytosine becomes Guanine, Guanine becomes cytosine, Adenine becomes Uracil and thiamine becomes Adenine. In this way we obtain an (mRNA) strand with codons (combinations of three nitrogenous bases). Now we obtain the tRNA by converting the codons into†¦show more content†¦In transcription, a DNA sequence is read by an RNA polymerase, which produces a complementary, antisense RNA strand called a primary transcript from a strand of DNA called sense strand. In contrast with DNA replication, transcription results in an RNA complement that includes the nucleotideUracil (U) in all cases where Thymine (T) would have been in a DNA complement. Only one of the two strands of DNA act as a template for transcription. The antisense strand of DNA is read by RNA polymerase starting from the 3 end to the 5 end during transcription which proceeds from 3 end to the 5 end. The complementary RNA is created in the exact opposite direction, i.e. the 5 to 3 direction, matching the sequence of the sensestrand with the exception of replacing uracil with thymine. This directionality occursas RNA polymerase is only able to add nucleotides to the 3 end of the elongating mRNA chain. The non-template or sensestrand of DNA is termed as the coding strand as its sequence is the same as the newly created RNA transcript (except for the replacement of uracil for thymine) . Transcription proceeds in the following general steps: 1. RNA polymerase, together with one or some other general transcription factors, binds to promoter DNA. 2. RNA polymerase makes a transcription bubble, which divides the two strands of the DNA helix. This is achieved by breaking the hydrogen bonds between complementaryShow MoreRelatedDna Analysis On Dna And Dna1535 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is the genetic material of life and is made up of monomers called nucleotides. Nucleotides are monomers made up of a phosphate group, a sugar, and a nitrogenous base. (Freeman, 2014) The way that DNA is able to store information is in its nitrogenous bases. There are four different types of nitrogenous bases that DNA strands contain: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), thymine (T). These nitrogenous bases in DNA are each different,Read MoreDna Analysis : Dna And Dna2142 Words   |  9 Pages DNA polymerases are vital in how an organism can sustain life. DNA polymerases are enzymes that synthesize DNA molecules from deoxyribonucleotides and are accountable for DNA replication. They are absolutely critical for DNA replication and will typically work in sets so that they can create two identical sets of DNA strands from one single strand of DNA. DNA polymerase will catalyze the reaction: deoxynucleoside triphosphate + DNAn diphosphate + DNAn+1. DNA polymerases are extremely importantRead MoreDna Analysis : Dna Profiling725 Words   |  3 PagesTammy Venhuda Mrs. Paris P.4 English 7-8 10-20-17 DNA Profiling Hook: Have you ever thought about your personal DNA and why it is important to you? Besides showing factors of how you grow, develop, and function, your DNA has more to it. What is DNA profiling? DNA profiling is when someone uses DNA to identify someone, make sure someone is not being wrongly accused, or to claim criminals. But there are pros and cons to DNA profiling. This is because some people are for it and others are againstRead MoreDna Analysis : Dna Fragmentation Essay2433 Words   |  10 PagesDNA ladder assays were used to evaluate the DNA fragmentation triggered through apoptosis when thymocytes were exposed to various concentration of diethylstilbestrol (DES). There are numerous methods for the quantification of DNA fragmentation but for this study, a lysis and DMSO protocol were used for the detection of apoptosis. Apoptotic DNA fragmentation was analyzed using 2% agarose gels to reveal a ladder-like pattern within each sample. The present study demonstrates a compariso n between twoRead MoreDna Analysis : Strawberry Dna Extraction1685 Words   |  7 Pages Strawberry DNA Extraction Sara Awad 795149 Read MoreThe Forensic Analysis Of Dna972 Words   |  4 PagesEmulation of the Forensic Analysis of DNA Introduction All living beings possess DNA that is unique to them.2 For this reason DNA is often used in criminal investigations to help ascertain a perpetrators identity1. In this lab we intend to mimic the methodology involved in such a process. DNA consists of thymine, guanine, cytosine and adenine in a double helix structure, in a sequence that is unique to each person.2 A lysis solution is to be used to safely isolate onion DNA from tissue, consistingRead MoreDna Fingerprinting : A Method Of Dna Analysis Used By Forensic Scientists2462 Words   |  10 PagesRoughly speaking, DNA Fingerprinting is a method of DNA analysis used by Forensic Scientists to help solve crimes. This technique was first discovered by Professor Alec Jeffreys of the University of Leicester in 1984, when he found that DNA varies in each human being, and makes us unique. DNA could be retrieved from hair, blood and saliva amongst other things such as skin and semen. DNA fingerprinting works on the basis that each individual s DNA structure – also known as the genetic make-up ofRead MoreAnalysis Of Blood Exo DNA996 Words   |  4 Pages Blood Exo DNA ProTeckâ„ ¢ Vacutainer blood collection tube for stabilizing extracellular vesicle DNA in a whole blood sample Research Use Only. Store at room temperature (18 to 25⠁ °C) Catalog # 0019273 9 Ãâ€" 10 mL tubes 0019273 100 Ãâ€" 10 mL tubes Intended Use Blood Exo DNA ProTeckâ„ ¢ is a 10 mL vacutainer blood collection tube for stabilization of extracellular vesicle DNA in a whole blood sample at room temperature for at leastRead MoreThe Development And Analysis Of Microsatellite Dna Essay2173 Words   |  9 Pages10 THE DEVELOPMENT AND ANALYSIS OF MICROSATELLITE DNA Summary Due to the significant negative impact of the industrial activities on the habitat, many species have become endangered. To conserve the species, a thorough investigation is needed. In this case, the research is based on the study the interdependencies between the genotype and spatial dispersal of populations. Despite being endangered, turtles comprise rather specific object for such investigations, as well as any other long-lived organismsRead MoreSolving Cases with Forensic DNA Analysis975 Words   |  4 PagesForensic DNA analysis is still a relatively new method that has been used to solve cases such as crimes and paternity tests. This method of forensic evaluation is examined by using genetic material, DNA, an acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid. Although each individual’s DNA differs from someone else’s, with the exception of identical twins, around 99.9% of DNA is the same in each person (The FBI DNA Laboratory). Therefore, in order to identify the genetic profile of the individual being analyzed

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Sensation And Perception Have Different Roles - 872 Words

Sensation and perception have different roles in how we understand our world. The sensation is the process of sensing our environment through touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. The information is sent to our brain, where perception takes over. â€Å"Sensation is the process of receiving, translating and transmitting raw sensory information from the external and internal environments of the brain.† (Discovering Psychology 1) Perception is the way we interpret these sensations and make sense of everything around us. Perception is our way of making contact with our environment. â€Å"Perception is the process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting sensory data.† (Discovering Psychology 1) Psychophysics is comparing events with our psychological experience with them. â€Å"For example, through sensation the ears report information about sound waves to the brain, and through perception we hear the music.† (Hargrove 1) We see an object or a person; we check them out than the environment and everything else. We use our experience to analyze each situation and decide if it’s logical or not. Without sensation, the perception will not be possible and without perception, our sensations would remain to be unfamiliar. The sense of touch includes pressure, pain, cold, and warmth. Kinesthesis is the sense of the position and movement of body parts. The sense of balance gives information about where the body. Taste occurs when chemicals excite receptors in the tongue and throat.Show MoreRelatedDescription of The Psychology of Action1298 Words   |  6 Pagesperson behavior is normally shaped by past experiences, culture, education or genes. Hence intuition is not an adequate means by which one can assess the behavioral pattern of an individual. Scholars, over the years, have explored this phenomenon of what influences our behavior and have shown that intuition is not adequate enough to explain behavior. In this paper, discussion will surround factors that explain the causes of behavior which are exhibited on a daily basis. According to Merriam WebsterRead MoreThe Effects Of Sensory Information On The Brain Essay1370 Words   |  6 Pagesa specific purpose for integration, which have complex functions of their own, each part of the brain interacts with one another in complex ways that contribute to the integration of sensory information to the reality we are all so familiar with (Eagleman, 2015a). As explained by Doctor David Eagleman (2015a), the brain is like a city. There is no true single place that reality could be said to exist in the mind. Just as in a city, there are many different parts that make up the whole (Eagleman, 2015a)Read MoreThe Theory Of Perception Of The Existence Of God1520 Words   |  7 PagesKnowledge, Berkeley posits the doctrine of idealism largely in response to the theory of perception connected to representationalism. While the representationalist would agree that only sensory ideas can be immediately perceived, Berkeley s view dramatically differs from representationalis m in that he denies the existence of material objects and, consequently, the causal role they are presumed to hold in producing sensations (Heide 15 Sept). Berkeley takes this immaterialist position to undoubtedly proveRead MoreThe Neurotransmitter Of A Motor Disorder1026 Words   |  5 Pages There are many different neurotransmitters that can be described in this unit but I will only be discussing four. The first Neurotransmitter which is located near the cortex, spinal cord, and target organs is activated by the parasympathetic nervous system which is called Acetylcholine (ACh). It was the first neurotransmitter discovered. This neurotransmitter was released from motor neurons to muscle fibers to make them bond. It affects learning and memory in the brain. A behavior that it can causeRead MoreUnderstanding Sensation As A Process957 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding sensation as a process where physical stimuli or feeling sent from sensory organs to our brain, I could relate t he information of module 5 with my everyday experience. Learning the principal methods of operation of audition, vision, touch, taste and smell help me to obtain a deeper knowledge about our sensory organs and their interaction with stimuli, sensors, and our brain. Also, I gained a more valuable understanding of placebo effects and their implications in mental processes. IRead MorePerception And Perception Of Perception1154 Words   |  5 PagesTo know how perception interacts with the brain to create reality we first have to better understand perception. Perception is the active process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting the information brought to the brain by the senses. Perception is an important part of creating reality because, your reality is determined by your memories, beliefs, culture, life experiences, as well as your senses and perception. Although sensation and perception work together to help create our reality theyRead MoreThe Work of James Jerome Gibson1073 W ords   |  5 PagesI. Brief biography1 James Jerome Gibson was born on January 27, 1904, in McConnelsville, Ohio, U.S. and died on December 11, 1979. He was an experimental psychologist whose work focused primarily on visual perception. He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Princeton University in 1928 and joined the faculty of Smith College. During World War II he served in the Army Air Forces (1942–46). In the Army, Gibson developed tests used to screen potential pilots. In doing so, he made the observation thatRead MoreThe Theory And Identity Theory, And Deal With The Multiple Realisability Argument1690 Words   |  7 Pagesexcitation is the mental state of pain (Schneider). Lewis and Armstrong emphasised the causal role in relation to type identity theory. Holding the view that humans are nothing more than mechanisms of chemical and neural reactions (Schneider). Where causal roles are characterised by experiences. This same cause and effect relationship also describes physical brain states. Therefore since both possess causal roles, physical states must also be experiences (Smart, 2007). Lewis’s theory allowed for holismRead MoreBertrand Russell on Analytical Philsophy Essay example1129 Words   |  5 Pagesnothing wrong with college-aged adults having childless encounters before marriage, but still held that marriage is the best and most important relation that can exist between human beings . It seems that Russells theories on marriage and sex may have caused the protest that led to be him being dismissed after an appointment to City College in New York City. Russell, along with his fellow Cambridge alumnus G. E. Moore, were at the forefront of the philosophical movement leading towards analyticalRead MoreHuman Imaginations based on Philosophers Essay1346 Words   |  6 PagesThe imagination is a tricky facet of the human mind for the philosopher. Each philosopher seems to have his own definitions of what the senses and the human imagination actually are, and the role th at each plays in the development and everyday existence of man. Plato errs on the side of shunning the arts and the imaginative in the Republic. Others like Aristotle and Hobbes are more welcoming, treating the imagination as a facet, or a close relative of the memory. Despite the varying opinions, one

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Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles free essay sample

When you think of Sara Bareilles, the 2007 pop-album â€Å"Little Voice† probably comes to mind. The â€Å"Love Song† princess met the release of her sophomore album, â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†, with monumental expectations from her yearning fans. Bareilles admits that, as she wrote the new album, she took more risks; risks that I believe contributed to the original feel of the thirteen enthralling tracks. While you might have only heard â€Å"Love Song† or possibly â€Å"Gravity† from Bareilles’ debut album, â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart† deserves to take the world by storm. Every song is filled with rich, motivational lyrics and beats that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Whether you like powerful feel-good vocals, like â€Å"Uncharted† or â€Å"Gonna Get Over You†, or slower, melodic ballads such as â€Å"Breathe Again† or â€Å"Bluebird†, you will thoroughly enjoy â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†. Thou gh Bareilles does not collaborate with any other vocalists on her sophomore album, she describes how she makes the rules in her leading single â€Å"King of Anything†, which she released earlier in the year: â€Å"You dare tell me who to be, who died and made you king of anything?† Her vibrant lyrics resurrect her genuine, piano melodies and delicate yet bold vocals from â€Å"Little Voice† and synthesize them with a mature, more confident Sara. We will write a custom essay sample on Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Bareilles or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Bareilles kicks the album off strong with an intro, fittingly named â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†. â€Å"Uncharted†, a feel-good vocal about going where she pleases and one of my personal favorite tracks off of the album, follows. Don’t let the rather old-fashioned introduction of the next track, â€Å"Gonna Get Over You†, steer you away from the song; it’s a compelling vocal explaining how she will â€Å"be alright, but not tonight†. The following track, my other personal favorite track, is a sweet, slow vocal about not knowing how to hold her heart, appropriately named â€Å"Hold My Heart†. â€Å"The Light† is the slowest vocal on â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†, and easily makes your heart melt as you listen to Sara’s graceful and comforting voice. â€Å"Basket Case† is also a slow vocal. Bareilles explains how she is â€Å"just a basket case† over the course of this guitar-driven song. â€Å"Machine Gun †, Bareilles says during an interview, is a song written about the inevitable criticism that she will receive upon the release of â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†. Her amusing humor surfaces itself in this song, as she jokingly sings: â€Å"maybe nobody loved you when you were young†. â€Å"Breathe Again†, the following song, is one of many slow yet beautiful songs found on â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†. In this ballad that Bareilles wrote about a relationship gone bad, she portrays a vulnerable girl who wants to someday breathe again. â€Å"Bluebird†, another ballad, is the final song on â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart†. Bareilles sings about a bluebird and persuades him to fly as he once had. It is a moving, metaphorical ballad about picking yourself back up after getting hurt and a fitting way to finish a terrific record. Overall, â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart† is worth your time, even if you are not a Sara Bareilles fan. â€Å"Kaleidoscope Heart † showcases a more confident Sara with not only powerful, bold vocals but also sweet, savoring ballads that you will fall in love with.

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How to Invest In Yourself So You Can Make a Living Writing

Invest in yourself. You know thats something you truly want to do, but you cant pull the trigger. You are being pulled in all directions from work to family to self-care and even taking care of aging family, your passion is pushed to the wayside. Another day, you tell yourself. When my children go to school, thats when Ill invest in myself. But, Im here today to help you see there is no shame in investing in yourself today. This will make you a better person overall, a healthier person and a successful business owner. Because you do want to focus on your passion. And if you can monetize that passion, investing yourself was worth it then, eh? Make this year the year you re-invent yourself, follow your passion of writing and become a freelance writer. Invest In Yourself Whats your passion? Im hoping its creativity and writing 🙂 Ive helped thousands of people become freelance writers. Many of them have a deep-seeded passion to write. They wrote stories as little children, took creative writing classes in high school, but then they grew up. They focus on getting that job that will secure their way of life and stopped writing. Years go by, and theyre doing well creating the life they want, but they fundamentally know there is something missing. Its that creativity they felt when they wrote. And the more they think about writing, the more it pulls them in. They declare in a whisper, yes, I want to pursue writing. That was the first step in investing in yourself. This declaration is what can carry you to make your choice a real action. But, as soon as you declare this want, your logical brain steps in. Ahem, you cant make a living writing you know! Theres no money in writing! And you start to believe this. Im here to say, NO! Thats simply not true. You can monetize your passion. If writing is your passion, you can make money writing. But, for that to happen, you need to invest in yourself. From education to tools and resources, to make that choice a reality, you have to do the work. 9 Ways to Invest In Yourself So, you want to be a writer? Freelance writing is a great way to make an income from writing. You essentially write for others like businesses, brands, start-ups etc., and they pay you to write for them! Sweet! Lets look at 9 ways you can do to get started on your path to becoming a freelance writer. 1. Educate Yourself The first step to investing in your passion is to educate yourself about writing and freelance writing. Hop on Google and search for freelance writing. See what advice pops up. Get to know blogs that focus on freelance writing. My favorite are: FreelancerFAQs WritetoDone TheWriteLife Spend time in learning more about this field of freelancing or writing. If you enjoy podcasts instead, there are wonderful podcasts for writers that can help you learn more about freelance writing: High Income Business Writing Podcast Grammar Girl The Copywriter Club In any case, start your learning now! 2. Save Money You know you hate your job and you want to quit, but you cant do it today. You have to plan to invest in yourself and that means starting to save money so that you can take the leap into freelance writing. Writeto1k course student Mike made sure to save a lot of money before he quit his 9-5 job. This ensured him that he could plan out his strategy to land clients and get freelance writing work. So, while you spend the time learning, also start saving every week or every month. This might mean less Starbucks lattes or less eating out. Remember, you are investing in yourself and thats okay! Its okay to save for that investment 🙂 Get My Free Course on Getting Paid to Write Online 3. Carve Out Time Many people that want to make a living from writing, say they just dont have the time. Thats why the tell themselves when my children start school, when I finish my degree But, you know what? You have to make the time. Carve time in your day to devote to your passion. This can be early in the morning, late at night, only on the weekends or an hour a day after supper. Start small and do one hour. When you are more comfortable or your day allows more time, increase to two or three hours at a time. When you do this, you give yourself permission to explore your writing passion. 4. Give Yourself Goals Goal setting is HUGE for success. If you write out your goals you are much more likely going to achieve them. So, while youre watching TV at night, get out your bullet journal or notebook and write out your goals to start freelance writing or whatever chosen passion you want. Some goals you may have are: Save $50 a month Write 500 words a day Read two freelance writing blog posts a day Quit my job in 3 months 5. Get Help Look doing this alone is difficult. I did it alone and I made a ton of mistakes. This just took me longer to reach my goal of becoming a profitable freelance writer. Im hoping my blog is a place to help you figure out the right way to do this. Its always a good idea to learn from those that have done it before you, and have done it successfully. For you, this might mean asking other freelance writers, investing in a course or talking about this with friends and family. Having that support is paramount to helping you succeed and monetize your passion. 6. See This Through It isnt enough to declare you want to start writing again. You have to see this through. From start to finish. This means investing in yourself! Break down the steps you feel you have to actually start getting paid for your writing. Also, give yourself a goal to landing at least one freelance writing job. This shows you that you did see this through and at that point you can decide if its worth it to pursue more. Some people give up. They land a low paying gig or they suddenly find themselves writing on a content mill. Others, luck out and land a great gig and take off. Still others, start off with low-paying gigs, but know there is better work out there (that was me!). So, give yourself a timeline and hold yourself accountable. 7. Be Committed As with anything new you try, stay committed. I know that may be hard with your passion. What if its months and you arent making money with your passion? How can you remain committed to this? I know thats tough. But if you set yourself up for success saved money, freelance writing on the side of your day job, and learned from someone who already did this you can still be committed and keep on trying. 8. Do the Work Okay! Now its time to take action. To monetize your passion you need to form a plan to get started. With freelance writing this may be: Figure outyour niche Create samples Connect with other freelance writers Build your social media profiles Pitch to job boards Looks like a lot, but remember, youre investing in yourself 🙂 Plus, I have a free course that goes through all those steps and more! 9. Give Yourself a Break Remember, the path to your passion isnt linear. There will be bumps and roadblocks during your journey. So give yourself a break. Sit back and re-asses what you are doing. I hear many stories from my subscribers telling me they started out doing all the steps to take action, but then there was a family emergency or their husband lost their job. They had to put their passion on the back burner for a while. Thats okay. Its when you come back to it that increases your chances youll succeed! Become a Writer Writing has always been your dream and now is the best time to turn that dream into a reality. Freelance writing will only get bigger online. More and more business will hire out their content writing for their blogs, email or lead generation content. You can be that writer and get paid for your writing! But, it all begins with the idea invest in yourself! Over to you tell me whats stopping you from investing in yourself?

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Berkeleys Theory Of Immaterialism Essays - Ontology, Perception

Berkeleys Theory Of Immaterialism Essays - Ontology, Perception Berkeley's Theory of Immaterialism As man progressed through the various stages of evolution, it is assumed that at a certain point he began to ponder the world around him. Of course, these first attempts fell short of being scholarly, probably consisting of a few grunts and snorts at best. As time passed on, though, these ideas persisted and were eventually tackled by the more intellectual, so-called philosophers. Thus, excavation of "the external world" began. As the authoritarinism of the ancients gave way to the more liberal views of the modernists, two main positions concerning epistemology and the nature of the world arose. The first view was exemplified by the empiricists, who stated that all knowledge comes from the senses. In opposition, the rationalists maintained that knowledge comes purely from deduction, and that this knowledge is processed by certain innate schema in the mind. Those that belonged to the empiricist school of thought developed quite separate and distinct ideas concerning the nature of the substratum of sensible objects. John Locke and David Hume upheld the belief that sensible things were composed of material subezce, the basic framework for the materialist position. The main figure who believed that material subezce did not exist is George Berkeley. In truth, it is the immaterialist position that seems the most logical when placed under close scrutiny. The initial groundwork for Berkeley's position is the truism that the materialist is a skeptic. In the writing of his three dialogues, Berkeley develops two characters: Hylas (the materialist) and Philonous (Berkeley himself). Philonous draws upon one central supposition of the materialist to formulate his argument of skepticism against him; this idea is that one can never perceive the real essence of anything. In short, the materialist feels that the information received through sense experience gives a representative picture of the outside world (the representative theory of perception), and one can not penetrate to the true essece of an object. This makes logical sense, for the only way to perceive this real essence would be to become the object itself! Although the idea is logical, it does contain a certain grounding for agnosticism. Let the reader consider this: if there is no way to actually sense the true material essence of anything, and all knowledge in empiricism comes from the senses, then the real material essence can not be perceived and therefore it can not be posited. This deserves careful consideration, for the materialist has been self-proclaimed a skeptic! If the believer in this theory were asked if a mythical beast such as a cyclops existed he would most certainly say no. As part of his reply he might add that because it can not be sensed it is not a piece of knowledge. After being enlightened by the above proposed argument, though, that same materialist is logically forced to agree that, because the "material substratum1" itself can not be sensed, its existence can not be treated as knowledge. The materialist belief has, in effect, become as futile as proving that the cyclops exists; his ideas have lead him into skepticism. Having proven that the materialist is, at best, a doubter, Berkeley goes on to offer the compelling argument that primary and secondary qualities are, together, one thing. As the materialist believes, primary qualities of an object are those things that are abstract (not sense oriented). Examples of these would be number, figure, motion, and extension. Secondary qualities are those things that are concrete (sense oriented), such as color, smell, sound, and taste. The materialist feels that these primary qualities persist even when the secondary ones are not there. Thus, if a person were blind, then that individual would not be able to hear or to touch items; yet the so-called real qualities such as figure would remain existent in the objects. As previously shown, the materialist is agnostic in his belief of these real (primary) qualities. It is here that Berkeley directs an alternate hypothesis: that the abstract primary qualities don't exist at all. In fact, the immaterialist position states that these qualities are merely secondary in nature, as they, too, can not be perceived as being separate from an object. For inezce, if a person is asked to imagine a primary quality

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Matlab Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Matlab - Assignment Example This was confirmed through comparing the result with that of the plot. 5. The area of the land above the planned road was obtained using integration method (trapezoid method) to find the total area under the curve and subtracting the total area of the area of land under the planned road. This was achieved through the matlab trapz () On using the d =diff(sign(y-s)) function where s was the equation for the best fit and y was for the terrain curve the non zero points were obtained.-2 and 2 were the non zero points which corresponded to respective x points.those x points are as shown below It was noted that those points corresponded with the x points where the two curves intersected.These points were displayed in pairs(first one showing the x point for the start of the region and second one showing the end point for the region)e.g Next the program requests the user to enter the number of regions in the graph. In our case they were 7.This was made in order to allow the user more control over the area calculation and reduce errors. The program calculates the area of the region under the curve subtracts the region under the best fit then sums it up. It then asks for the second points. Calculates the area then adds it to the total. At the end of the last region it multiplies the area with 10(road width and gives the total volume Thread Subject: How to find position of specific vector value. (n.d.). How to find position of specific vector value. Retrieved May 8, 2014, from